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WHM is the admin control panel for web hosting resellers. Through WHM you can administer your VPS/Reseller account and all of its accounts.

To create a new account, you need to Add a Package

  1. Login to WHM
    URL: http://www.yourdomain.com:2082 or http://www.yourdomain.com/whm
    username and password as specified in the New Reseller Account Information Email
  2. Under packages, click on Add a Package
  3. Enter a package name (e.g. y_domain)
  4. Set the resources; Quota, Bandwidth, Max FTP account, etc.
  5. Under setting, leave the default settings
  6. Click on Add
    Adding the Account
  7. Under Account Functions, click on Create a New Account
  8. Enter the domain name (must be a valid registered domain and nameservers must point to our servers)
  9. Add username (the first 8-letters of the domain will appear automatically as new username)
  10. Generate a password (High password strength is recommended)
  11. Enter your client's email account
  12. Choose  the package name create created in step 6
  13. Leave default values for all the other settings
  14. Click on create

    DONE!! Your domain should be accessible by typing its URL on the address bar of your browser.

Once an account is created you can login into cPanel for that particular account using http://IP Address:2082 (IP Address = Actual IP address of the server) or http://www.domainname.com:2082. cPanel is a user control panel where users can administer their account and hosted websites. Using cPanel clients can also add FTP, MySQL and e-mail accounts.


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